Adagio for String Quartet at NYCC concert

Richard D. Russell

In intro­duc­ing my Ada­gio for String Quar­tet at the recent Dec. 20 NYCC per­for­mance, held at the Saint Peter’s Church at Cit­i­group Cen­ter, I explained that this is a move­ment from a larger string quar­tet which is yet to be completed.

I’ve writ­ten three move­ments, but the quar­tet seems some­how incom­plete still, need­ing a final move­ment to wrap up the whole artis­tic state­ment. That said, I’m very fond of this Ada­gio and am anx­ious to bring it to a larger audience.

There was a very large crowd on hand as this con­cert sadly marked the recent pass­ing of one of the New York Com­posers Circle’s most promi­nent and enthu­si­as­tic mem­bers, Dr. Dinu Ghezzo. He will be missed.

On a hap­pier note, this con­cert marked the start of the NYCC’s 10th year.

I received some of the nicest, most enthu­si­as­tic com­ments yet for a per­for­mance of a piece of mine. I heartily thank the evening’s per­form­ers, Stanichka Dim­itrova and Arthur Moeller on vio­lin, Kim Mai Nguyen on viola, and Hamil­ton Berry on cello.

Stanichka Dim­itrova & Arthur Moeller

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This was written by Richard D. Russell, New York City based composer of fine music.