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Cham­ber Music

Three Part­ings for medium voice and piano trio (2011) NEW!
Amid the Blind­ing Snow for soprano and piano trio (2011) NEW!
Ah! Are You Dig­ging On My Grave? for male & female duet, and piano trio (2011) NEW!
Eldo­rado for high voice and piano trio (2010)
Annabel Lee for tenor and piano trio (2010)
The Tune is in the Tree for soprano and piano quin­tet (2010)
Ada­gio from String Quar­tet No. 1 (2009)
Nev­er­Sum­mer flute, clar­inet, piano (2008)
The Duel soprano, bass clar­inet, marimba (2006)
Spi­rals piano trio (2005)
Cir­cle Vari­a­tion (Fourth) piano trio (2005)
Con­ver­sa­tions (Faces) piano trio (2002)

Works for Flute

Fast Tides, Slow Tides flute and piano (2008)
Three States of Water flute trio (2006)
Reverie for flute and piano (1992)

Works for Voice

(see also the vocal selec­tions in Cham­ber Music, above)
Time is Not an Option Prize win­ner for Ford­ham University’s Voices Up! project, for soprano and piano (2010)
A Poe Fan­ta­sia for soprano and piano (2010)
The Tune is in the Tree for soprano and piano (2009)
Four Shake­speare Songs in Madri­gal Style for two sopra­nos, unac­com­pa­nied (2009)
When Time is Over | Four Songs of Emily Dick­in­son for soprano and piano (2009)
Two Rilke Songs for soprano, vio­lin, piano (2007)
Three Ele­gies for soprano and per­cus­sion (2006) also arranged for soprano and piano
Three Songs of Carl Sand­burg for soprano and piano (2002)
Peace I Leave With You SATB, a cap­pella (1993)

Works for Violin

Vio­lin Sonata No. 1 for vio­lin and piano (2008)

Works for Piano

Dantes Vari­a­tions for solo piano (2011) NEW!

Works for Harpsichord

Harp­si­chord Sonata No. 1 (2008)

Works for Trombone

Design for Light­ning for trom­bone and elec­tron­ics (2002)
Bal­ance for trom­bone and elec­tron­ics (2001)


Ave Maria (Schu­bert) soprano, vio­lin, piano (2008)

Works for Musi­cal Theater

The fol­low­ing are musi­cal the­ater titles writ­ten in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Emily Thomp­son. They are intended for the young, either as per­form­ers and/or audi­ence. Infor­ma­tion about licens­ing a per­for­mance may be obtained by email­ing Richard D. Rus­sell by click­ing here.

It Takes A Rain­bow (2013)
Young brown lizards explore the col­or­ful world of frogs and learn the value of being multi-hued!

Cupid’s Bow (2013)
Cupid always cre­ates mis­chief on Mount Olym­pus, but when he is ban­ished to a mid­dle school with­out his bow and arrow, he must learn to deal real­is­ti­cally with com­plex emo­tions such as love.

The War of the Words (2012)
An adap­ta­tion of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Noth­ing, set in a mod­ern day mid­dle school.

To A Muse (2012)
What is wrong with Theodore? He needs some inspi­ra­tion to fin­ish a school project. When the nine muses hear his call, they arrive and offer their divine ser­vices… yet only Theodore can see them, and he thinks he is los­ing his mind!

Kat­rina The Shrew (2011)
A musi­cal adap­ta­tion of Shakespeare’s The Tam­ing of the Shrew.

The above series of musi­cals has been cited as a “Promis­ing Prac­tices” pro­gram by the Char­ac­ter Edu­ca­tion Part­ner­ship, an orga­ni­za­tion of pas­sion­ate peo­ple advo­cat­ing for integrity, hon­esty, respect, and other core eth­i­cal val­ues to be fused into edu­ca­tion for the bet­ter­ment of our nation. The CEP cited these musi­cals for the way they  ”…present a moral and pro­mote char­ac­ter edu­ca­tion … stu­dents view char­ac­ters cor­rect­ing wrong choices and tak­ing healthy steps to cre­ate a sup­port­ive com­mu­nity.”  These musi­cals help cre­ate a com­mu­nity and can inte­grate an edu­ca­tional curriculum.

The cita­tion may be read by click­ing here: Char­ac­ter Edu­ca­tion Partnership111109_51808_0.gif

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