Announcing YouTube Channel

I have been able to upload sev­eral videos from recent con­cert per­for­mances of my music, and these videos are hosted at my YouTube channel.¬†I’m start­ing with a mod­est five videos, but hope to be adding many more in the future.

I’m always con­cerned bout video, because while it’s nice to have some imagery to go along with the music, to say noth­ing of a nice record of a live per­for­mance, typ­i­cally the audio is not quite what I hoped it would be–the micro­phone tends to be far away from the per­form­ers, and is not always the appro­pri­ate kind of micro­phone for dynamic clas­si­cal music, etc. Still, I have an ini­tial run of videos I’d like to share, and hope to be adding many more over time.

Please feel free to sub­scribe to the video chan­nel (and for­ward to your col­leagues and friends). Here is the link:


About Richard D. Russell

This was written by Richard D. Russell, New York City based composer of fine music.