Three Elegies (2006)

for soprano and per­cus­sion (2006)
and also an arrange­ment
for soprano and piano

about 5“30
pre­miere at Sym­phony Space, New York City, Feb. 2006

Three Ele­gies was writ­ten for the soprano/percussion ensem­ble, Aurora Bore­alis Duo, com­prised of Tiffany DuMouchelle and Stephen Solook. The first move­ment, ‚ÄúI Died for Beauty‚Äù (Emily Dick­in­son) is for snare, cym­bal, and bass drum. Sec­ond is ‚ÄúTichborne’s Elegy‚Äù (Chid­iock Tich­borne) for marimba. The third move­ment is ‚ÄúEx­ile (After the Chinese)‚Äù (Hart Crane) for vibra­phone. The sequence of songs cover death, reflec­tion, and accep­tance.
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As a prac­ti­cal mat­ter, I com­posed an arrange­ment for soprano and piano.
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