Finale 2010, Sibelius 6

This is sort of an infor­ma­tional post for those who might not be clued in. Both Finale and Sibelius have announced new ver­sions in the last few weeks. I had been a Finale user for years and switched to Sibelius some­time a few years ago, with Sibelius 4. One thing that had always frus­trated me about Sibelius is its han­dling of slurs. Much as I loved Sibelius, I had to admit Finale’s han­dling of slurs was always bet­ter and top-notch. This seems to be fixed in Sibelius 6, and the demon­stra­tion on Sibelius’s web­site sug­gests a sim­i­lar approach to Finale, with per­haps a few improve­ments tossed in. The new Sibelius fea­ture called Mag­netic Lay­out looks superb too. I am look­ing for­ward to this update!

Learn about Sibelius by click­ing here and about Finale by click­ing here.

What’s your opin­ion on these nota­tion programs?

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This was written by Richard D. Russell, New York City based composer of fine music.