Give Something for Free

Part of the busi­ness of being a com­poser is draw­ing some atten­tion to your music. (Or per­haps draw some atten­tion to your­self!) And if you are a com­poser doing busi­ness on the inter­net, this means draw­ing atten­tion to your website.

One way to accom­plish this is to give some­thing away for free on your site. On my own home page, I offer a free ebook in exchange for my visitor’s email address. This allows me to build a core fol­low­ing to keep my audi­ence informed. Also, my ebook just might be for­warded to other peo­ple, and so on, hope­fully lead­ing to an ever big­ger audience.

Want to see my ebook? Drop me your email by vis­it­ing my home page.

About Richard D. Russell

This was written by Richard D. Russell, New York City based composer of fine music.