The Creative Habit

I just have to rec­om­mend this book, The Cre­ative Habit. It was writ­ten by Twyla Tharp, the choreographer.

Now, one might ask what chore­og­ra­phy has to do with music com­po­si­tion, but let me assure you Ms. Tharp is a kindered spirit in the realm of cre­ativ­ity. She is a huge fan of Mozart and Beethoven, and fre­quently writes about their lives to help explain creativity.

And the idea that cre­ativ­ity is a habit, some­thing to prac­tice and get into each and every day, is a valu­able les­son for any­one in the cre­ative arts. This book shows you how to get into the habit, no mat­ter what your cre­ative bent is.

Highly rec­om­mended!

About Richard D. Russell

This was written by Richard D. Russell, New York City based composer of fine music.