Thought for the Day

I know a musi­cian from Iran who came to study music in New York. He was very inter­ested in clas­si­cal music of (what we call) the West­ern world. And he said some­thing once I’ll never for­get: “West­ern music is the only music con­cerned with har­mony.” (Thanks, Hafez!)

I thought about this as I was read­ing about the Chi­nese com­poser Huang Ruo. In the arti­cle, he said,

In China, we never talk about ‚Äòin tune‚Äô or ‚Äòout of tune.‚Äô I think it‚Äôs a very West­ern thing.‚Äù

Just some things to think about.

About Richard D. Russell

This was written by Richard D. Russell, New York City based composer of fine music.